UniverCity Year branching out into county

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Building on a successful partnership with the City of Monona, UniverCity Year is gearing up to work with its second community. This fall, UW-Madison courses will help Dane County tackle issues around sustainability and equity.

UniverCity Year is looking for faculty and instructional staff who would be interested in working with Dane County projects in the areas of economic development, affordable housing, frequent users of county services and water quality and nutrient management.

UniverCity Year Dane County will match county identified projects with Fall 2017 courses at UW-Madison.

Find out more about the projects and how faculty and students can get involved.

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Call for applications: Wisconsin Without Borders Recognition Awards for Global Engaged Scholarship

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In alignment with its mission, Wisconsin Without Borders (WWB) is soliciting nominations of outstanding examples of globally engaged scholarship by members of the UW-Madison community. To be considered, applications should describe projects involving collaboration between faculty, students, university staff, and non-academic partners that address a problem identified by community members.

Awards will be offered in three categories – (1) faculty/academic staff, (2) graduate students, and (3) undergraduate students. Applicants in both categories may be nominated individually or as a group for a joint project. Faculty/academic staff and graduate students may apply on behalf of the same project, but students must demonstrate contributions independent of the faculty/staff member(s). The award amount will average $500 to $1000 per project. The number of awards offered will be determined by the selection committee. Award winners are expected to be willing to serve on the selection committee for a subsequent year’s awards process.

Deadline Application deadline is 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017.

Application Process

Individuals may apply on their own behalves or nominate someone else. All applications will be expected to include (1) a completed information form (available at http://morgridge.wisc.edu/programs/wif/WWBawards.html ) and (2) a response to the following prompts: Please describe: x x x The project and your role within it; The impact of the project on the community; How the project meets the principles of community engagement (service learning, community-based research, outreach, or other responsive worN); and, How the service and/or research is applicable to the larger global community outside of the target population. All responses should be: 2 to 4 pages typed double-spaced, 1.0” margins, and 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Completed applications will be due via e-mail by Wednesday, March 15th at 11:59pm to ggrainger@wisc.edu. Project Eligibility Projects may be of varying durations or structures, but must be a community-engaged learning and research action that is informed by a global perspective, address a community-identified societal need, and demonstrate excellence or leadership in the integration of academic and community engagement. Projects must demonstrate a global (or local to global) connection, but do not have to be located outside of the U.S. All nominees must also demonstrate that their project was completed in a credit-bearing framework. Projects must have been active during the last year, starting in the summer of 2016. Projects should be substantially completed by March 2017. No minimum duration required. These awards are for prior achievement and do not apply to proposals for future work. For more information on the judging criteria, please visit http://morgridge.wisc.edu/programs/wif/WWBawards.html. Please contact WWB Graduate Fellow, Garrett Grainger at ggrainger@wisc.edu with any questions.

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