GHI offers a Henry Anderson III Graduate Award.

The Henry Anderson III Graduate Award supports graduate students pursuing research in environmental and occupational public health. Preference will be given to students in the schools of Medicine and Public Health, Pharmacy, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine, as well as those pursuing local and international environmental public health projects.

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In August 2022, GHI made the decision to put efforts and focus on establishing One Health Centers in the Americas, Asia and Africa. We look forward to sharing more information on our growth, progress, reach and global health impact.

With its previous grants and awards program, GHI supported innovative global health work in Wisconsin and across the world. From monitoring mercury contamination in fish to improving care for diabetics. Combating antimicrobial resistance to providing health care to rural families. Improving nutrition to giving emergency physicians information they need when they need it.

157 grants totaling $2 million to faculty, staff and students jump-started new research, brought international collaborators to campus and opened opportunities for students. Together, they improved health and wellbeing for all–people, animals and the planet.

Past Grant Programs

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Seed Grants

GHI Seed Grants supported UW–Madison efforts to launch new global research projects and make them competitive for sustained external funding. Seed Grants allowed researchers to reach across disciplines for collaborators and make many projects possible. All disciplines, from engineers to clinicians, environmental scientists to women’s studies experts, and more were eligible to apply. GHI awarded grants in amounts of up to $20,000 each for the duration of one year.

Past Seed Grant Recipients

Faculty and Staff Travel Awards

The Global Health Institute Faculty and Staff Travel Awards were available for UW–Madison faculty and staff to undertake international travel related to educational and research activities. Several grants of up to $2,500 each were awarded for a duration of one year.

Past Faculty and Staff Travel Award Recipients

Visiting Scholar Awards

Global health and international collaboration have never been more important, and the COVID-19 pandemic showed us the power of technology to connect people across the world. To recognize how our circumstances were ever-changing, GHI supported both in-person Visiting Scholar and Virtual Visiting Scholar Awards. The Virtual Visiting Scholar Awards supported virtual visits to the UW–Madison campus by individuals who substantially enhanced global activities on campus in collaboration with a sponsoring faculty member or faculty team. GHI awarded grants in amounts of up to $2,500, which may have been used for honoraria. The Visiting Scholar Awards brought individuals to campus in collaboration with UW–Madison faculty. GHI awarded grants for in-person visits of up to $5,000.

Past Visiting Scholar Award Recipients

Graduate Student Research Awards

The GHI Graduate Student Research Awards were available to students pursuing a Ph.D. in any relevant discipline who were exploring topics that would enhance global health activities on the UW–Madison campus and beyond. These grants of up to $3,000 were for the duration of one year.

Past Graduate Student Research Award Recipients

Clinical Research Awards

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Global Health Institute established the Clinical Research Awards for 2019 to support UW–Madison and UW Health clinicians, graduate medical trainees, and students in relevant programs. Applicants were required to be exploring research topics that would enhance global health clinical activities on the UW–Madison campus and beyond. GHI awarded several grants in amounts of up to $5,000 for the duration of one year.

Past Clinical Research Award Recipients