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ONE HEALTH: The Wisconsin Idea in Global Action

Mission & Value Statements

At the UW-Madison Global Health Institute, we are conveners proactively unifying the talent and expertise through a multidisciplinary lens from academia, government, NGOs, health officials, and industry to tackle global health response and security issues through our collaborative and innovative One Health Center network.

Our mission is to embrace a global health ethic that fosters deeper understanding of the complex determinants of health and disease for people, animals, and ecosystems through a One Health model. By working locally and globally, we uniquely apply research and education both within and across disciplines, advancing health today and ensuring well-being for the future.


Guided by the Wisconsin Idea, GHI promotes UW faculty research internationally, and offers undergrad, graduate, and post-doctoral education internships and field course programs to boost innovation through proactive health intelligence and strategic exchanges.

We welcome collaboration and strategic partnerships to strengthen UW–Madison’s global health reach and scope to benefit communities around the world.

Dr. Jorge Osorio, GHI Director

Connecting Wisconsin & The World

One Health. Five strategic focus areas.