Human, Animal & Plant Health

Child being vaccinated

Human, Animal & Plant Health

A GHI Strategic Focus Area

COVID-19 shined a bright light on vast disparities in health and health care in Wisconsin and the world. For women. For people of color. For communities that have been marginalized and countries that have few resources.

Improving quality and access to health services, medicine, therapies and treatment in low-and middle-income countries—and striving to remedy disparities at home—have always been central to the mission of the UW-Madison Global Health Institute.

Global health calls for interdisciplinary collaboration: Training health care workers. Building residency programs. Giving women safe maternal and reproductive health choices. Ensuring children are immunized. Identifying and treating diseases in animals. Building capacity for health.

Together, with colleagues and communities across the world, UW-Madison faculty, staff, clinicians and students teach and learn. Consult and share resources. Collaboration leads to improved care for emergencies, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Together, we turn research into action to combat antimicrobial resistance and screen for new diseases. From Addis Ababa to Milwaukee to Medellín, we are nurturing a healthier world, where everyone has access to adequate care.