Social, Cultural & Economic Equity

Social, Cultural & Economic Equity

A GHI Strategic Focus Area

Climate change. Gun deaths. War. Human trafficking. COVID-19. All shine new light on vast inequities—across societies, cultures and communities—affecting the health and well-being of vulnerable populations in Wisconsin and around the world.

The United Nations tells us that income inequalities between countries is on the rise. Migrants in 2021 faced their deadliest year since 2017. The number of refugees has hit an all-time high. We know that groups that have historically been marginalized and demonized—based on income, sex, gender, age, race, ethnicity, indigenous identity, migratory status and disability—know too well the many faces of violence and discrimination. In government. In society. In the classroom and the boardroom.

Global Health pushes toward justice and liberation for communities and populations. Creating educational and economic opportunities for girls and women. Expanding educational and maternal health choices in underserved and remote areas. Acting to end gender-based violence and supporting HIV-positive teens. Honoring Indigenous wisdom and making room for new ways of knowing and living. Finding better ways to serve those with physical or mental disabilities.

We recognize that the health of the most vulnerable communities is vital to the health of all. Together, with colleagues and communities across the world, we open doors for new conversations, ask new questions and invite new voices into the discussion. Together, we contribute to a safer, healthier and more just world for all.