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Save the Date: April 16-17

Supporting GHI during this celebration of giving helps us continue our collaboration efforts across academia, government, industry, and NGOs through our One Health Center Network.

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Your support advances the Wisconsin Idea in Global Action for all Badgers and all people. Be one who gives. Be one with Wisconsin!

What we know: One organism, one crop failure, drought, or natural disaster, one community of unhealthy humans or animals in any part of the world, can have a catastrophic effect on entire populations medically, biologically, socially, economically, and politically around the world.

What we also know: The discovery of disease-causing microbes, effective treatments and vaccines, increased women’s health education and services, effective management of water, food and natural resources, and international acknowledgement of our global connection to each other and our environment, has improved and saved lives worldwide.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison Global Health Institute (GHI), we work to advance equitable and sustainable health from Wisconsin to the world. Using a One Health approach, we connect academia, government, industry, and communities in mutually beneficial relationships to broaden the understanding of health and disease, share lessons learned, spark new questions and address critical global challenges across disciplines. At One Health Centers in the Americas, Asia, and Africa we are discovering practical, affordable possibilities for collaboration, education, research, and engagement to benefit humans, animals, and ecosystems. Perhaps most important, we are moving discovery out of the lab and into real-world settings.