Climate & Land Use Change

An image of rolling green hills with dark, ominous clouds of smoke rising from factories on the horizon

Climate & Land Use Change

A GHI Strategic Focus Area

The evidence is clear. The United Kingdom records its highest ever temperatures. Parts of the U.S. endure temperatures that are Dust-Bowl hot. Delhi sees a record 85 of 100 days above 100 degrees; Texas is at more than 40 days over 100 and counting this summer. Lakes are drying up. Prairies and forests are burning. Then there are the floods, tornadoes, hurricanes.

Global health recognizes that the health of humans and the planet are interlinked. Humans have thrived. We live longer and better than ever, thanks to innovations in public health, agriculture and technology. In this Anthropocene epoch, we are changing the planet, and evidence is compounding that our actions are not sustainable. Pollution. Water scarcity. Biodiversity loss. Burning forests. A warming earth. All impact health.

Looking toward healthy people and healthy places, we work to mitigate climate change and find ways to adapt. We study how humans are changing the landscape, impacting the health of humans, animals and the planet. Together, we champion practical solutions for well-being today and tomorrow.