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One Health

Woman gathering water from Lake Victoria in purple plastic dish

One Health

Introducing healthy, sustainable food choices. Discovering new viruses before they make the jump from animals to humans. Protecting water sources. Contributing to a safer and more equitable world for all.

These are the ways in which the concept of One Health makes a difference in our lives, the life around us and the planet. This is the idea that the health of humans, animals and the planet are tied together, and we must see them as a whole.

Human health depends on animal health depends on planetary health and vice versa.

One Health calls for collaboration. Between human health care providers, entomologists, engineers, sociologists, dairy and nutrition experts, climate scientists, public health practitioners and more.

Addressing the determinants of health and disease. Learning from communities and colleagues. Sharing knowledge. Finding solutions. Living the Wisconsin Idea.


A researcher uses a fluorescence microscope to analyze cells in a science lab at the Influenza Research Institute at UW-Madisdon. In the background, a computer monitor displays cellular imagery.

One Health News

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Graduate student Laurel Anderson gives an oral vaccine to a chicken bean held by another team member.Global HealthHenry Anderson award inspires confidence, buoys work in One HealthGrad student Laurel Myers bridges human-animal health with help from the new Henry Anderson research award.Read more…

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