Deadlines approaching for faculty, staff and students to apply for grants to further global health

The Global Health Institute (GHI) will award up to $375,000 in Seed Grant funding to University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty and staff who are launching new global health research projects.

The Institute also will make almost $100,000 in awards to fund graduate research in global health, visiting scholars and global health travel grants.

The application deadline for all grants is 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 12. Seed Grant applicants must also submit a letter of intent by 5 p.m. Monday, Dec. 1.

“From basic biomedical research that looks at vaccines, drugs, cells and molecules to interdisciplinary meta-approaches to health questions, these grants will provide initial funding to lay the groundwork for projects that can fundamentally alter health and well-being around the world,” —GHI Acting Director Christopher Olsen

“GHI is delighted to be able to offer these awards to faculty, staff and graduate students across the campus,” Olsen says. “They are designed to provide funding for new research projects, international travel necessary to scope out new research or educational activities, and to bring global health scholars from across the world to UW-Madison. It is very important that the seed grant funding be used as support for research that will go on to attract external funding.”

“The Seed Grants, especially, are designed to help jump-start the gamut of global health research at UW-Madison,” says Dr. Tony Goldberg, GHI associate director for research.

The Institute will offer grants in four categories:

  • Seed Grants will support efforts to launch new global health research projects and make them competitive for sustained external funding. Three to five grants of up to $75,000 each will be awarded.
  • Graduate Student Research Awards supports doctoral students pursuing work in any relevant discipline whose graduate work will enhance global activities on the UW-Madison campus and beyond. Five to 10 grants of up to $5,000 each will be awarded.
  • Visiting Scholar Awards brings visitors to UW-Madison who substantially enhance global health activities on campus in collaboration with a sponsoring UW-Madison faculty member or faculty team. Five grants of up to $8,000 will be awarded.
  • Faculty and Staff Travel Awards are available for UW-Madison faculty and staff who are GHI affiliates. They can be used for international travel related to educational and research activities. Several grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded.

Previous awards allowed faculty, staff and graduate students to delve into topics from human and animal disease to agriculture and economic development. The work led to improved medication safety in Ethiopia, looked at how to increase mango production to improve well-being and reduce poverty in Haiti, evaluated the previously undefined prevalence of brucellosis in Ecuador, and more.

GHI grants also brought scholars from around the world to UW-Madison to collaborate with UW-Madison faculty, staff and students and to share their expertise in public presentations. They also supported UW-Madison faculty and staff travel for research and educational program development.

GHI is dedicated to improving health in Wisconsin and across the world through research, education and community engagement. Grant applications are available under the Research & Awards tab.

By Ann Grauvogl/ November 19, 2014