Faculty and Staff Travel Awards

 Apply now for 2018 Faculty and Staff Travel Awards

The Global Health Institute Faculty and Staff Travel Awards are available for UW-Madison faculty and staff to undertake international travel related to educational and research activities.  Several grants  of up to $2,500.00 each will be awarded for a duration of one year.

Grant applications are due by 11:59 p.m. January 29, 2018.

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2017 Faculty and Staff Travel Grant

“Supporting nutrition and Entrepreneurship in rural Kenya”

Bret Shaw, associate professor, Department of Life Sciences Communication.

This award will fund a trip to Majimbo in the north eastern part of Lake Victoria in western Kenya to conduct research and develop a communication plan to promote nutrition, food security and entrepreneurialism through the implementation of sustainable urban gardening practices in secondary schools in the region.  The trip will be facilitated by representatives of a local non-governmental organization called EducationHope.

2016: “Distribution of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform in Indonesia,”

Corbett Grainger, assistant professor Agriculture and Applied Economics; faculty affiliate, GHI and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

At a time when cutting carbon emissions is a top concern to mitigate climate change, global fossil fuel subsidies have grown significantly over the past decade. The purpose of this research proposal is to determine the impact of subsidies on exporting industries, which in turn will help understand  the political economy of subsidies and how governments could effectively eliminate them. This proposal lays out a strategy to estimate the impact of fossil fuel subsidies on different measures of exports and growth at the sector level in Indonesia, a country that has recently implemented a series of subsidy reforms.

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