Celebrating 10 Years at GHI

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Celebrating 10 Years

“Too many of our global health interventions are narrowly focused, and, as we try to solve one problem, we inadvertently can create two or three more. This responsibility takes an orchestrated effort. So we are bringing together faculty, staff, and students from across campus to address the health implications of climate change, racial inequity, urban design, air quality, water safety, food security, gender inequality, access to care and more. We want our approach to disease prevention to be as comprehensive as possible.”—GHI Founding Director Jonathan Patz

A decade of leadership, collaboration & impact

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Global Health Institute was given an immense challenge 10 years ago: “To discover the underlying determinants of global health, and in so doing, attain more lasting solutions within and across populations.”

With its 10th anniversary in the 2021-22 academic year, GHI invites you to join us in celebrating a decade of leadership and impact. And we thank everyone who has helped shape an institute that works at the intersection of health, equity and sustainability. Together, we’ve made a difference:

  • Addressing the imperative to provide equitable health care for populations across the world through collaboration, education and system-strengthening.
  • Tackling the ever-increasing threats to the health of all life and the earth through education and cross-sector research.

Rising from the merger of the Center for Global Health and the Global Health Initiative, GHI was established in 2011 to catalyze global health activities across UW’s 21 schools, colleges and divisions—inspiring joint projects, educating tomorrow’s leaders and promoting research and outreach to improve well-being.

The Institute’s work is grounded in a global health ethic that recognizes the health of humans, animals and the planet are inextricably linked. Today, COVID-19, racial inequities and the climate change crisis show us even more the critical importance of engaging across disciplines and communities to advance health for all.

GHI’s impact in the last decade can be measured in how it has convened unexpected partners to launch successful interdisciplinary programs, from the Certificates in Global Health and 4W (Women & Well-being in Wisconsin & the World) to the Planetary Health Graduate Scholars program and the initiative for Health-Oriented Transportation.

Since 2011, GHI has awarded nearly $2 million in grants and awards to faculty, staff, clinicians and students, leading to new collaborations, extramural grants and expanded knowledge and practice in areas as diverse as Indigenous wisdom, improved food systems, disaster management and emergency medical care in low-income settings. Certificate programs, classes and field experiences have introduced students to great health disparities, challenges and solutions. In a decade, more than 2,500 students have earned the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health. In 2021, GHI helped launch the Global Health Major and online Graduate • Professional • Capstone Certificates in Global Health.

By engaging a campus-wide community, GHI has become a model for academic global health programs. Keith Martin, executive director of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, heralded the unique symbiosis at UW-Madison that drives GHI’s success, building on a groundwork of cooperation to break down barriers between disciplines.

GHI is a foundation of UW-Madison’s global health educational enterprise and also opens doors for practical, evidence-based health solutions. Educators, scholars, practitioners, researchers and communities, within and beyond the health sciences, look to GHI as an invaluable partner to address global health challenges, from disease to climate change.

We are proud of our achievements and look forward to another decade of advancing health and well-being in Wisconsin and across the world.

Join us as we celebrate GHI’s 10th anniversary. Ten years of research, education, outreach and making a difference locally and globally.
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