Global Health Tuesdays begin October 27

December 1: Researcher Peter Halfmann from the Influenza Research Institute discusses virus research in the age of Ebola and COVID-19 in this Global Health Tuesday webinar.

The Global Health Tuesday seminars will be online this fall, beginning October 27. Hosted by the UW-Madison Global Health Institute (GHI), the seminars provide a platform for researchers and practitioners from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and across the world to share their work. The speakers showcase the complexity of global health challenges and the many kinds of expertise needed to address them. By sharing their experiences with the campus and Madison communities, these guests provide insights into global health, encourage conversation and help connect colleagues locally and globally.

December 1: From the Ebola Outbreak to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Virus Research Continues with Peter Halfmann, Ph.D., research associate professor, Influenza Research Institute, School of Veterinary Medicine. Halfmann will discuss work to understand and combat the viruses that have taken a global toll on human lives. Halfmann will highlight his research in Sierra Leone during the Ebola virus outbreak. He also will discuss why Ebola virus is deadly in humans, collaborations formed after the outbreak in Sierra Leone to identify new viruses and new research efforts on SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.

Halfmann has worked for more than 20 years with Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka, an influenza expert. Halfmann is a visiting researcher at the NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories, a high containment BSL-4 laboratory. He developed a whole-virus vaccine against Ebola virus which is in a human clinical phase I trial in Japan. During the height of the 2013-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Halfmann established a research lab in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to examine the body’s responses to Ebola virus infection. His research focuses on the pathogenicity of emerging and reemerging viruses.

October 27: Global Vaccine Advocacy: Amplifying Our Impact with James Conway, M.D., GHI associate director and director, Office of Global Health, School of Medicine and Public Health. Effective interventions are only truly impactful when they are taken to scale and widely shared, Conway says. He has worked for decades with an array of partners to improve access to vaccines for communities across the globe. One of the most effective aspects to his work has been working through collaborative global health advocacy efforts. He will discuss lessons learned and share experiences as examples that may be helpful to others who work in global health.

Conway is a pediatric infectious disease specialist who works both domestically and globally with programs designed to improve the lives of children. His projects largely involve training local professionals to recognize and treat infectous diseases and improving prevention, especially through strenghtening immunization programs. He has been involved with long-term field programs in Thailand, Kenya and Ethiopia. He also has been a key voice as UW-Madison and the State of Wisconsin confront the coronavirus. Register now.