Wisconsin Film Festival: In the Shadow of Ebola

UW-Madison Professor and current director of the Nelson Institute’s Center for Culture, History and Environment, Gregg Mitman has directed a documentary titled In the Shadow of Ebola that will be airing at the Wisconsin Film Festival on April 11 and 12.

The 26 minute documentary tells the story of Emmanuel Urey, a Liberian student at school in Madison, and his struggles with visa issues and the government to get his family members safely out of Monrovia before the virus spreads uncontrollably. The plight of Urey’s family to safety is a story that not only brings the Ebola virus into vivid context, but is also a story that hits extremely close to home.

Mitman’s job, as he sees it, is to share stories that counteract the stereotype of “West Africa as a place of incompetence, irrationality and disease.” Steeped in a history overwhelmed with exploiting indigenous people, this documentary discusses medical infrastructure in Africa and the impacts it has on individuals, like Urey..

Tickets are currently on sale for the Wisconsin Film Festival. For more information please visit the Wisconsin Film Festival website.