Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters Host “Climate Forward Report” Briefing.

The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters is hosting a community briefing to provide an update on the Climate Forward Report (2014) recommendations on Wednesday, June 28, from 1:00 to 2:15 pm at the Madison Public Library, Room 302. We hope you can join, as there is much to say about the state and local response to our globally changing climate.

There have been many notable developments concerning climate and energy over the past few years in Wisconsin. This briefing explains an update to the 2014 report that acknowledges clean energy progress in Wisconsin, flags missed opportunities where our state is falling behind neighboring states, and highlights opportunities that have emerged in the interim. We will have copies of the update available at the event for legislators, members of the media, and the public.

Academy Executive Director Jane Elder and Environmental Initiatives Coordinator Chelsea Chandler will provide a summary of four key takeaways from the update report and lead a panel discussion with report steering committee members:
  • Tyler Huebner, Executive Director, RENEW Wisconsin
  • John Imes, Executive Director, Wisconsin Environmental Initiative
  • Gary Radloff, Director of Midwest Energy Policy Analysis, Wisconsin Energy Institute
  • Mary Schlaefer, President & CEO, WECC
The discussion and updated report will be useful resources for state and local leaders who want to do more to address climate change and benefit from the clean energy economy.