Water@UW-Madison: A Wisconsin Idea Symposium

Did you know that UW-Madison has over 100 faculty and scientists
involved in water-related research and scholarship?
Do you want to learn more about the diversity of water-related
scholarship at UW-Madison?
Are you interested in meeting colleagues and potential
collaborators on the UW-Madison campus?

At Water@UW-Madison – A Wisconsin Idea Symposium, each of 50 UW-Madison faculty spanning biological, physical,social sciences, arts and humanities will briefly highlight their scholarly work. Talks will cover a remarkable diversity of topics—the global carbon cycle, agricultural runoff, groundwater protection, aquatic insects, water as a human right and more.  A detailed agenda for the symposium can be found here. Refreshments will be served. The symposium will close with a panel discussion.

A key goal of the symposium is to improve communication among water scholars from all corners of the UW-Madison campus, and to build stronger connections with non-governmental organizations, elected officials, agency staff, consultants, and concerned citizens. Improving these linkages will benefit the teaching, research, and outreach mission of UW-Madison.