Urban agriculture, resilient communities, and you: a career development conversation with Dr. Tracy Sides

Join the Agroecology Program for a conversation with Tracy Sides on Thursday, April 30th.

Tracy Sides believes in healthy connections, the power of community, and the “magic” of food. Together the combination of the three have developed her career path and have allowed her to achieve her dreams. Tracy has a wealth of knowledge about various career options for folks interested in resilient urban food systems.

Most notably she is the Founder and Executive Director of Urban Oasis, an organization dedicated to cultivating a healthy, resilient, and prosperous community on Saint Paul’s East Side by strengthening the local food system and improving access and enjoyment of nutritious, affordable, sustainably-grown food.

Tracy’s vision and advocacy for a vibrant healthy food environment in her community not only won her a Bush Foundation Fellowship to pursue her dream, but also the grand prize in The Saint Paul Foundation’s $1 Million Forever Saint Paul Challenge.

Today, Urban Oasis is an initiative of the Lower Phalen Creek Project. Urban Oasis strives to create a healthy, resilient, and prosperous community by strengthening the local food system and increasing access and enjoyment of sustainably-grown, affordable, whole food. For more information about Oasis, read about the organization here.