Tisha Schuller: Deescalating the Energy Wars

Tisha Schuller consults private clients from Fortune 500 energy companies to non-profit environmental organizations in energy policy, business strategy, politics, and community engagement. She also serves as the Strategic Advisor for Stanford University’s Natural Gas Initiative (NGI). In this role, she works with companies and stakeholders to interface with Stanford’s diverse faculty conducting research in the areas of sustainable development, technology innovation, climate policy, and geopolitics. Tisha leads Stanford NGI’s symposium to reduce energy poverty in the developing world using natural gas, scheduled for May 2017. Tisha conducts public speaking and consulting across the United States focused on energy policy, managing the divest-from-fossil-fuels movement, understanding the polarized landscape, and navigating successful stakeholder engagement strategies.

For more information, please visit: http://nelson.wisc.edu/events/public-lectures/schuller.php.