The UW Climate Change Symposium

The second annual UW Climate Change Symposium will be held March 31st through April 1st, this year with the Global Health Institute being a sponsor. The talks will showcase the diversity of climate-related research at UW-Madison and help grow the network of the climate-change community. The event will feature a combination of student and research based conversation, and will end with a poster session.

  • Keynote talks by Dr. Pete Clark of Oregon State University
    • Talk 1: “Sea-level rise over the next 100 to 10,000 year in response to global warming,” Thursday, March 31, 7:00-8:30pm
    • Talk 2: “Diagnosing the Last Deglaciation: How Earth emerged from the Grips of an Ice Age,” Friday, April 1, 4:00-5:15pm
  • Research talks by UW-Madison faculty and researchers: Friday, April 1, 2:30-3:50pm
    • Anna Pidgeon, “Avian population response to climate extremes and shifts, and the implications for future management”
    • Galen McKinley, “Ocean Mitigation of Climate Change: Past, Present and Future”
    • Tristan L’Ecuyer, “The Unexplored Connection between Clouds and Global Sea Level”
    • Ian Orland, “Developing seasonal climate records in caves from Beijing to Blue Mounds”
    • Tom Rutherford, “Economic Growth, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Global Warming through the 21st Century”
  • Student Poster Session and Award: Friday, April 1, 5:15-6:30pm 
    • The Sixth Annual Bryson Scholarship will select the best graduate and undergraduate posters on climate-related research. All students are encouraged to submit a poster and compete for this award!

For more information please visit: The Nelson Institute.