The story of milk: Strategies and policy implications for ensuring safe milk production in Ethiopia

Photo credit: Michel Wattiaux

See video above for Mestawet Taye’s 9/6/18 presentation

Drinking milk should lead to improved nutritional status, but if milk is of poor quality or isn’t handled the right way, it can cause more harm than good. While water in Ethiopia is regulated, milk isn’t — which is what Global Health Institute visiting scholar Mestawet Taye is looking to address.

Join GHI and Taye for a special seminar Tuesday, September, 6 at 12 p.m. in Medical Sciences Center Room 1010 as she discusses and shares recommendations to inform Ethiopia-specific milk quality standards to ensure safe milk production, processing and consumption.

Taye is director and assistant professor at the School of Animal and Range Sciences at Hawassa University in Ethiopia. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in dairy chemistry, dairy microbiology, dairy processing, molecular genetics and genomics. Taye also advises students on their MSc thesis research, as well as serving as a local advisor for Ph.D. students.

She is working with postdoctoral research fellow Heidi Busse, who received a 2018 GHI Visiting Scholar Award to host Taye.

Taye is also the chairperson for the Task Force to establish a University Central Biotechnology Laboratory, the Hawassa University Task Force on Gender and a board member at Dilla University. She also heads the Dairy Laboratory and helped establish Hawassa University’s dairy processing plant. Taye is a dairy consultant for USAID where she gives trainings on milk and milk product processing for small and medium scale dairy producers.

Prior to joining Hawassa University, Taye worked with the Southern Agricultural Research Institute as the regional livestock research director, where she was involved with coordinating and conducting animal production research. She holds a Ph.D. in Dairy Science and Technology and Biotechnology from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

A flier for the talk can be found here.

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