Students see opportunity to make a difference at high school global health day

Students talk about being global citizens at GHI's annual High School Global Health Day.

What is a global citizen?

“We’re people trying to make the world a better place,” says a high school student at “Opening Doors to the World,” the annual High School Global Public Health Day at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “There’s no such thing as perfect, but we are trying to improve it.”

More than 50 high school students and their teachers from Clinton, Sauk Prairie, Madison LaFollette and Madison Memorial high schools gathered at Dejope Hall to learn about global and public health issues, to understand how the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals apply to everyday life and to look at potential careers.

The day is hosted by the UW-Madison Global Health Institute and the South Central Region Area Health Education Center. UW undergraduate students from Globe Med at UW-Madison; Partners in Health-Engage, Madison, and Wisconsin MEDLIFE organized the day that encouraged the high schoolers to solve problems, ask questions and learn about world and local health.

“Now we start to think that global work doesn’t mean going from here to there, but here to everywhere,” GHI Associate Director Lori DiPrete Brown says.

January 21, 2020/ By Ann Grauvogl