Strength in Community: GHI issues its 2017-2018 annual report

African scholars make the W-sign with their hands.

The Global Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison celebrates “Strength in Community” with its 2017-2018 annual report.

“Across campus and the planet, we work together to tackle health challenges,” GHI Director Jonathan Patz writes in the report’s introduction. “Together, we are working toward a more just, sustainable, and healthy world.”

The report provides a snapshot of activities in the GHI community:

  • Inspiring students
  • Supporting education, research and outreach
  • Discovering new solutions for health through One Health
  • Championing health care for all
  • Showing we can protect the planet and our health
  • Making the world better for women and children
  • Seeing new opportunities in Wisconsin’s cows
  • Sharing a passion for global health

Filled with stories of people and projects, “Strength in Community” showcases the work of the UW-Madison global health community and collaborators in Wisconsin and across the world.