Lori DiPrete Brown

Associate Director for Education and Engagement


MSPH, Harvard School of Public Health
MTS, Harvard Divinity School

Departments & Organizations

School of Human Ecology
Global Health Institute

Research Focus

4W Initiative (Women and Well Being in Wisconsin and the World)



Room 1042
Medical Sciences Center
1300 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706


Lori DiPrete Brown, associate director for education and engagement, has been a leader in global education and outreach at UW-Madison, including designing curricula for the highly subscribed global health education programs of the Global Health Institute, and supporting the development of faculty-led field courses and internships around the world.

She leads GHI’s Quality improvement Institute, which has engaged leaders from nine countries to date. She co-chairs the Wisconsin without Borders Alliance, which recognizes excellence in interdisciplinary engagement for change.

DiPrete Brown also directs the campus-wide 4W Initiative (Women and Well Being in Wisconsin and the World), which is implemented in partnership with the School of Human Ecology. The effort focuses on improving the lives of women and girls both locally and globally.

DiPrete Brown began her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras, where she lived and worked in a residential program for teenage girls who had been orphaned or abandoned during childhood.  Her subsequent global health practice, research, teaching, writing and public speaking has focused on providing quality health care and social services that address the needs of women, children and all people who are in highly vulnerable situations. Recently she has worked with faculty leaders to spearhead interdisciplinary initiatives related to global microenterprise and women’s wellbeing, and a local to global effort to address the trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation.

DiPrete Brown’s work at UW-Madison is informed by 15 years of experience with international agencies including the U.S. Peace Corps, USAID, the Pan American Health Organization, WHO, Care and Save the Children. She has collaborated to strengthen systems of care 15 countries around the world including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile, México, Ecuador, Cameroon and Ethiopia.

DiPrete Brown is a faculty associate and assistant clinical professor with affiliations in the Schools of Medicine and Public Health and School of Human Ecology. She is also a faculty affiliate in Latin American Studies, Religious Studies, OBGYN and Pharmacy and she is engaged with the campus Human Rights Initiative.

DiPrete Brown holds degrees from Yale University, the Harvard School of Public Health and the Harvard Divinity School. In 2012 she was awarded the School of Medicine and Public Health Dean’s Teaching Award for her role in teaching and experiential learning in the health sciences. In 2016 she was awarded the Women’s Philanthropy Council Champion Award for her efforts in advancing the status of women and gender issues at the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

She blogs about global health and social change, and has written a novel about her work with young women entitled “Caminata: A Journey.”

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Lori DiPrete Brown Resume November 2018

Please consult the UW Time Table or the Department of Population Health Sciences for more information about the following courses:

PHS 370 Introduction to Public Health: Local to Global Perspectives

PHS 640 Foundations in Global Health Practice

PHS 644 Inter-disciplinary Perspectives on Global Health and Disease

PHS 503 Public Health and Human Rights: The Case of Vulnerable Children

PHS 504 Quality Evaluation and Improvement in Low- Resource Settings

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