Research: Social, Cultural & Economic Equity

GHI and the One Health Centers support basic and translational research in Social, Cultural & Economic Equity.

How we do it:

  1. Providing model sites for authentic, reciprocal, respectful interdisciplinary engagement with local and Indigenous communities, making room for all voices to be heard and listened to, and encouraging leadership and scholarship from diverse groups.
  2. Facilitating interdisciplinary and transnational collaborations among colleagues, communities, and governments to move research from discovery to application.
  3. Providing international sites for student engagement, modeling best practices for collaboration and engagement.
  4. Deliberately promoting and encouraging the monitoring and evaluation of social, cultural, and economic impacts of One Health Center activities.
  5. Developing a Code of Ethics for campus and the One Health Centers to ensure that there are local PIs and authorship for projects and publications, fair wages, ethical practices, and policies on discrimination and harassment.

Some examples of UW–Madison research support by efforts with GHI in the area of Social, Cultural & Economic Equity: