Research: Human, Animal & Plant Health

GHI and the One Health Centers support basic and translational research in Human, Animal & Plant Health.

How we do it:

  1. Creating centers that encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, looking to Principal Investigators (PIs) to cross-collaborate outside their fields.
  2. Facilitating access to community-based and Indigenous organizations to understand local needs that will drive assessment, research, and intervention projects. Move projects from bench and bedside into the community.
  3. Providing opportunities for graduate/professional students to participate in interdisciplinary and transnational (e.g. sustainable interprofessional clinical projects, dissertation groups).
  4. Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration by leveraging faculty involved in One Health work, identifying interdisciplinary funding opportunities, tapping into campus databases (of investigators, MOUs and partnerships), and partnering with interprofessional groups.
  5. Facilitating thoughtful collaborations with industry that are advised by and advance the interests of local communities. This could include studying place-based interconnections across human, animal & plant health.

Some examples of UW–Madison research supported by efforts with GHI in the area of Human, Animal & Plant Health: