PHS Monday Seminar: Research update on health “co-benefits” of climate mitigation scenarios

GHI Director Jonathan Patz takes a closer look at the latest research on the health “co-benefits” of climate mitigation. Patz is a pioneer in making connections between climate and health and showing how the steps needed to mitigate carbon emissions will also improve well-being. He has looked, for example, at the co-benefits of bicycling, which reduces carbon emissions and can also reduce the risk of disease.

In November 2015, Patz lead a Massive Open Online Course, “Climate Change Policy and Public Health,” to help policy makers, practitioners and the general public understand these vital links. His 2015 book, “Climate Change and Public Health,” co-edited with Barry Levy, former president of the American Public Health Association, draws from diverse experts to expand understanding of the climate crisis and the opportunities it presents through action on climate change.

In recognition of his pioneering work in climate change, Patz received the American Public Health Association’s highest award in Environmental Health leadership in November 2015.