Our City of Nations 2017

In 2015, over 200 multidisciplinary professionals came together to share experiences and learn how to do better as individual providers, agencies, and as a community to support welcoming citizens to Milwaukee and surrounding regions. Attendees from 62 agencies and 16 professional fields heard from keynotes such as Ms. Barbara Day, the Domestic Resettlement Section Chief of the US State Department, Dr. Edward Ehlinger, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health, and Mr. Kevin Moore, Deputy Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, along with participating in smaller break-out sessions and discussions on these topics.

The success of this first meeting, along with knowledge of the depth of needs in our community, prompted planning of this second, larger conference. In our current America and world, we see increased demand for resources, education and networking; this is what OCON hopes to provide.

Our impetus is the same: a locally relevant, two-day conference to explain the core competencies and integrative strategies we as a community of multidisciplinary providers need to enhance care for the region’s refugee and immigrant populations.

Our motivation, the same: we are propelled by the desire to attain improved effective care for and response to complex refugee and immigrant wellness needs.

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