MOOC: Climate Change Policy and Public Health

Climate change is having and will continue to have a dramatic impact on global public health – from natural disasters and the increased spread of infectious disease to predicted crop losses and heat waves. A MOOC starting in November 2015 will also students to take part in the conversation around climate change and connect with events with peers across the globe.

Course Title: Climate Change Policy and Public Health

Dates: November 9 – December 4, 2015

Taught by: Jonathan Patz, Professor and Director, UW-Madison’s Global Health Institute


This course explores the impact of anthropogenic activities on climate change and consequently public health, exposing students to the many tangible benefits to climate change mitigation. It will explore three primary issues where co-benefits are feasible: renewable energy, agriculture and food, urban design and active transport. Students will hear from experts across the globe, engage with the current scientific and political literature, and gain hands on experience communicating climate change and public health messages to various audiences.

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