Mindfulness and climate change are more connected than you think

The Mindful Climate Action team, including GHI’s Maggie Grabow, recently released their publication “Mindful Climate Action: Health and Environmental Co-Benefits from Mindfulness-Based Behavioral Training,” discussing how mindfulness can lead to improved human and planetary health. Curious about the link between these two seemingly unrelated things? Check out the full publication.

Abstract: Greenhouse gases from human activities are causing climate change, creating risks for people around the globe. Behaviors involving transportation, diet, energy use, and purchasing drive greenhouse gas emissions, but are also related to health and well-being, providing opportunity for co-benefits. Replacing shorter automobile trips with walking or cycling, or eating plants rather than animals, for example, may increase personal health, while also reducing environmental impact. Mindfulness-based practices have been shown to enhance a variety of health outcomes, but have not been adapted towards environmental purposes.