Making the Connection: Environmental Health in Wisconsin

1418524811441The Wisconsin Environmental Health Network presents an afternoon conference for health care providers, public health professionals, environmental activists, staff of environmental organizations, scientists and students. The event, especially, will give health care professionals information about environmental factors affecting human health and how to best use that information in primary care practice. It will also build relationships between environmental advocates and health practitioners.

The conference is at the Health Sciences Learning Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The day’s presentation include:

“Climate Change and Children’s Health” with Jerome A. Paulson, MD, professor of pediatrics and environmental and occupational health, George Washington University

“Living our Mission at the Intersection of Healthcare and Sustainability” with UW alumnus Jeff Thompson, MD, chief executive officer of Gundersen Health System

“When It Hits the Fan: Water Quality and Public Health in Wisconsin with Mark Borchardt, Ph.D., research microbiologist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service

“Health and Environmental Justice in Wisconsin: Communities Respond to Local Health Threats and Create Positive Change,” a panel discussion with moderator Patty Loew, Ph.D., professor in the UW-Madison Department of Life Science Communication, and speakers Sharon Adams from Walnut Way Conservation Corporation and Lynn Utesh from Kawanee CARES.