Healthcare Access and Reform: A Panel Discussion

Finding equity for rural and urban communities


Significant changes are underway in federal and state policy related to how we pay for and deliver healthcare. These policies affect everyone in the state, as do trends of an aging population and advances in technology. Furthermore, many Wisconsin residents are employed by hospitals, insurance companies, and other healthcare-related sectors, which make up about one-six of our state’s economy.

For too long, Wisconsin’s high scores on various performance metrics have reflected excellence and continual improvements for some populations, while leaving others behind. Ongoing and egregious disparities in health and well-being robs our state of its potential and keeps us spending on acute and chronic care remedies. Health policy changes do and will have specific and unique effects on rural and urban, young and old, lower and high income.

Donna Friedsam will host a panel discussion with Greg Nycz and Lisa Peyton-Caire reviewing the impact of the Affordable Care Act on Wisconsin and how policy changes will affect various communities as part of the Wisconsin Academy’s The American Dream in Wisconsin Series. The talk will assess the philosophies and theories that underlie differing approaches to health policy and prospects for finding common ground.

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