Global Health Seminar Series: E-learning and sustainable health: Lessons from Zambia

UW-Madison alumnus Dr. Craig Wilson, left, has helped develop training programs for health care workers around the world using digital tools.



UW-Madison alumnus Dr. Craig Wilson (BS ’74, MD ’82) was named director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Sparkman Center for Global Health in 2007. He has helped develop health care worker training programs and research across the world. In Zambia, he has contributed to and facilitated several projects, including training pediatric HIV clinicians, establishing a high through-put clinical laboratory, establishing an HIV Nurse Practitioner Program and enhancing the eGranary tool to include health care worker training content.

Developing a health care work force to continue to deliver services is a key sustainability component of the rapid scale up of HIV care access and treatment supported by programs such as PEPFAR, Wilson says. He will address the need to train more health care workers at all levels, focusing on assessments and approaches in Zambia and the development of e-learning tools.

The e-learning tools opened opportunities to further develop and disseminate education at several levels and to other countries, programs and specialties.

Craig Wilson poster