Global Health is All of Us: 2014-2015 GHI Impact Report

Global health is all of us. Researchers. Educators. Health care providers. Students. Communities. Friends. In 2014-2015, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Global Health Institute brought together health care and agricultural leaders, environmentalists, women’s advocates, engineers, policy makers, public health practitioners, and more to tackle the complex causes of health and disease.

The 4W (For Women, For Well-being, In Wisconsin and the World) Initiative launched and bloomed. The links between climate change and health moved to center state with worldwide calls for mitigation. Ebola ilustrated that health includes everything from good roads to functional hazmat suits. The GHI community worked in Wisconsin and across the world to improve health and well-being for today and for the future.

Find our stories in the UW-Madison Global Health Impact 14/15 report.


Message from Acting Director Christopher Olsen

Olsen served as GHI Acting Director during the 2014/2015 academic year while Director Jonathan Patz was on sabbatical. Message from Christopher Olsen

Expanding horizons: Students learn, help alleviate health disparities

Undergraduate and Graduate/Professional/Capstone Global Health Certificate students learn, participate in service projects and collaborate with communities. Two graduate students reflect on the benefit of the certificate. Expanding horizons

Global health spans campus: Advancing emergency medicine, women’s health, palliative care, and more

GHI grants support new research to improve health across the world. GHI awards

Forging new paradigms: Making life better for women; making the world better for all

Projects in the new 4W (For Women, For Well-being, In Wisconsin and the World) Initiative address trafficking, self-esteem, financial health and education. 4W for women, well-being, Wisconsin and the world

Tackling Ebola: GHI community confronts deadly disease

From broadcasting a radio show into Sierra Leone to working on an Ebola vaccine, the GHI community worked to thwart the disease and help Wisconsinites understand the complexity of the problem. Tackling Ebola

Defining challenges; finding solutions: GHI sparks conversation, action on climate/health issues

The links between climate change and health become more clear as GHI researchers encourage active transportation, inform policy and begin new conversations for change. Climate change and health

Building capacity and leadership: “Quality is possible here”

Education is key to improving health and well-being. Building capacity

Knowledge is a two-way street: Connecting cities and the wealth of campus

The Livable Cities Symposium shows how collaboration between campus research and communities are making lives better. Connecting campus and communities

Expanding knowledge; building community: GHI connects colleagues locally and globally

In 2014/2015, GHI brought hundreds together to explore the intertwined challenges of health and disease. Connecting colleagues locally and globally

Working for you

GHI leaders and staff turn global health into action. Working for you