Forward in Energy Forum: Energy and Natural Systems


The impact of energy policy on health and wellbeing is a central issue facing the state of Wisconsin. WEI’s first Forward in Energy Forum of 2017 will bring together experts from across campus to discuss the challenges in ensuring Wisconsin’s water quality and agricultural systems. Moderated by interim WEI director and University of Wisconsin–Madison chair of the agricultural and applied economics department Ian Coxhead.

Groundwater pollution is an issue across the state, and recently-proposed legislation on anaerobic digesters have put the topic front and center. A process by which farmers recycle manure or other organic waste into energy and crop fertilizer, anaerobic digestion has gained steam as a potential solution to the problem of groundwater contamination.

Join assistant professors of biological systems engineering Rebecca Larson and Troy Runge, with Richard H. Soit Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering Victor Zavala as they talk about where we are with anaerobic digestion technology, what research needs to be done to perfect the process, and how economically viable these projects could turn out to be in Wisconsin.

Space is limited, so please register by January 24 to guarantee your spot.