Krishnapuram Karthikeyan

Department of Biological Systems Engineering


B.S., Agricultural Engineering, India;
M.S., Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Penn State;
Ph.D., Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Penn State

Krishnapuram Karthikeyan is a professor (Water Quality Engineering) in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research has focused on the development and assessment of management practices to minimize water quality impacts of agricultural/animal production activities and municipal wastewater disposal. His primary contributions are in four categories: (i) environmental fate/transformation of nutrients/contaminants, (ii) identification of sediment/nutrient source areas, (iii) development of innovative waste treatment technologies and (iv) application of hydrological/geochemical models. Karthikeyan’s research has been continuously funded by a variety of sources: federal (USDA, NSF, USGS, USEPA, USDOE), WI state agencies, international and industry. Karthikeyan has published over 75 articles and received over $9 million in competitive grants funding. He teaches courses on soil & water conservation, on-site wastewater treatment, watershed hydrology and agricultural non-point source pollution. Karthikeyan has directly advised 31 graduate students (15 PhDs) and 8 post-doctoral researchers. He has served on editorial boards and review committees for scientific journals, USDA grant review panels, academia and professional societies. He spent 2.5 years as a Visiting Professor abroad (Carnegie Mellon-Qatar), which presented opportunities to work as a consultant for the Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute and the Qatar National Food Security Program.