Karl Ciuoderis

Global Virus Network Visiting Scholar

Karl Ciuoderis is the laboratory scientific director at UNAL/OHC-Colombia. His research experience has been focused on surveillance and epidemiology of infectious diseases of great impact in public and animal health, especially those of emerging conditions. Ciuoderis’ interest in understanding infectious diseases from the one health perspective grew exponentially after working for a few years in wildlife and conservation medicine. For more than ten years, he has worked in the field and in the lab to establish partnerships and networks with well-known scientists and research groups locally and globally. Ciuoderis has cooperated in research studies involving emerging pathogens such as West Nile Virus, Zika and Influenza, which were led by several institutions including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Wildlife Conservancy Society, Imperial London College, University Nacional of Colombia, University of Antioquia. He has great experience in the characterization of emerging infectious diseases (arbovirus and influenza virus surveillance in human, domestic and wild animals), coordination of clinical research projects (dengue and zika cohort studies) and experience working with communities in tropical settings. Currently, Ciuoderis leads a multidisciplinary professional team of scientists and technicians as the scientific director of a state-of-art BSL2+ laboratory in Colombia.