Juan Pablo Hernandez Ortiz

Director, GHI One Health Center - Colombia

Juan Pablo Hernandez Ortiz is the Director of the GHI One Health Center-Colombia. This program has no precedents in the region, and it comes from efforts between the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The OH program is recognized as a center of excellence by the Global Virus Network, and it is part of the Abbott Pandemic Awareness Program. Hernandez-Ortiz recently co-founded VaxThera with Professor Jorge Osorio from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. VaxThera is a Colombian based biotechnology company centered in a strong research program to develop vaccines and treatments for infectious diseases. Under the premises of “health security”, “biologicals’ accessibility” and “pandemic awareness”, they join efforts with Grupo SURA to establish VaxThera as a state-of-the-art company that makes science to serve life. Hernandez-Ortiz’s research projects in Colombia and in the USA have resulted in fruitful collaborations and novel methods demonstrated by more than 100 publications with more than 3,000 citations, an h-index of 26, 18 graduate alumni and a regular size group of 20 graduate students and 20 scientific staff.