Celebrating International Women’s Day with 4W

To celebrate international women’s day, UW-Madison engaged scholars will present flash talks about initiatives to empower women across the world. A reception follows. The event is hosted by the 4W Initiative (For Women and Well-being in Wisconsin and the World), convened by the Global Health Institute, School of Human Ecology and Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. The scholars include:

  • Lori DiPrete Brown: Highlights from the Campus Wide 4W Initiative
  • Mary Crave: Girls Grow: Empowering Vital Voices in Africa
  • Constance Flanagan: Youths’ Commitments to the Environmental Commons
  • Karen Bogenschneider: Using Research to Build Better Public Policy for Families
  • Christina Ewig: Gender, Politics and Policy in Latin America: Identifying Paths to Equity
  • Jenny Higgins: A Sex-positive, Whole-woman Approach in Reproductive Health Research
  • Sweta Shrestha: STREETS: Policy and Programs to Address Sex Trafficking
  • Allison Sambo: Women and Wellbeing: Perspectives from the Congo
  • Jennifer Angus, Janet Niewold, Carolyn Kallenborn, Dee Warmath  Women’s Empowerment through Microenterprise