Building Green Infrastructure in the U.S.: A Framework for Sustainable Growth

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture would like to invite you to a special guest lecture, “Building green infrastructure in the US: a framework for sustainable growth,” by Hugh Keegan. Hugh is currently the manager of ESRI’s applications prototype lab, a group working at ESRI’s headquarters in Redlands, California. The group is tasked with winning competitive software competitions, conducting applied research and creating innovative proof-of-concepts.

Hugh, obtained his masters in Landscape Architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School Design, while working with Carl Steinitz. He worked several years for The Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis. Hugh recently managed an ESRI multi-million dollar initiative to compile a nationally consistent inventory of Green Infrastructure cores (natural areas of at least 100 acres in size and more than 200 meters wide), along with the development of free web-based tools to explore and leverage them for local and county planning organizations. Hugh has presented and published his work around the globe.