BIG STORIES + CLOSE (UP) RESEARCH: Health and Science in the African World

The African Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison invites you to BIG STORIES + CLOSE (UP) RESEARCH: Health and Science in the African World on April 15-16, 2016. Bringing together a diverse group of scholars, this conference aims to explore the relationship between deeply grounded research and the larger narratives we tell about health and science in the African world.

Researchers are beginning to examine the intersections of global health with other fields such as vernacular science and colonial history. This multidimensional approach to the study of African health and science has produced a multitude of exciting findings. This conference will feature several non-traditional panels focusing on a case study, an object, an event, a data set, or a photograph, and to connect it to a “big story” about health in Africa or the African Diaspora. Following each set of presentations, panelists and audience members will engage in discussion.

Members of the GHI community are involved with this program. Greg Mitman and Clair Wendland are Advisory members, and Tony Goldberg is Associate Director at the Global Health Institute.

To learn more and register, visit BigStories-Poster