9th Annual Bioethics Symposium: “Queering Bioethics: Ethical Issues in LGBTQ Health Care”

This year’s symposium is titled: “Queering Bioethics: Ethical Issues in LGBTQ Health Care.” The planning committee, led by Dr. Robert Streiffer, has attracted some of the best people in the country to provide discussion on the historic and current ethical issues around LGBTQ health care including: surrogacy and assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs), health care for transgender individuals, the history of LGBTQ health care, health disparities, and justice for LGBTQ people in health care. The day will wrap up with a panel discussion on Transition-Related Care for Transgender Youth.

List of speakers and topics:     http://med.wisc.edu/bioethics-symposium

 Live webcast will be available at:     http://live.videos.med.wisc.edu/

 Students: With approval from the clerkship directors, Madison-based 4th-year students will be excused from all clinical duties, with the expectation that you will attend the symposium.

Questions should be directed to Rob Streiffer at rstreiffer@wisc.edu.