2014 Energy Summit: Meeting Needs for Future Cities and Communities

In the 21st century, cities will account for 90 percent of global population growth, 80 percent of CO2 emissions, and 75 percent of global use of energy, water and food. For the first time in history, the majority of the world’s human population resides in cities. The United Nations estimates that by 2050 this number will grow to almost three-quarters of the world’s population. While global population approaches ten billion, large urban areas are becoming megacities. People are moving to cities to find employment, education, health care, arts and music and higher standards of living. Energy, water and food supply, demand, use and impacts are at the core of this growing trend.

The 2014 Energy Summit will bring international stakeholders to UW-Madison for a robust discussion of pressing technical and policy-related energy issues facing the world. With a focus on addressing energy challenges and demands associated with urbanization and the growing population, the program will unite prominent industry leaders, researchers, policymakers and students. Attendees will connect with UW-Madison resources, network with one another and share perspectives on the future of energy.Energy Summit logo