2012 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement Awarded

John H. Seinfeld and Kirk R. Smith receive award for their expertise in air pollution.

The Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement honors two experts on air pollution with the 2012 Tyler Prize for their work to advance the scientific understanding of air pollution, and develop solutions to reduce the danger to human health and the impact on climate change.

John H. Seinfeld is recognized for his groundbreaking work leading to understanding of the origin, chemistry, and evolution of particles in the atmosphere.  The fundamental understanding of the physics and chemistry of urban and regional air pollution that emerged from his research served as the basis for action to control the effects of air pollution on public health.

Kirk R. Smith is recognized for his work identifying that household air pollution in developing nations is responsible for nearly two million premature deaths per year, disproportionately among women and children.

Professor and Director for the UW-Global Health Institute (first from right, second row standing) serves on the Executive Committee for the Tyler Prize.