UW–Madison establishes free, campus-wide COVID-19 testing to support campus reopening

The Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene are coming together in support of University of Wisconsin–Madison efforts to provide free COVID-19 testing to the entire campus community. The goal is to identify infections, isolate and care for those who are sick, and limit the spread of the disease as campus moves forward with a modified re-opening plan.

Global Health Institute hosts webinar series on health equity in the wake of COVID-19

JULY 30: Bringing together diverse voices from across the health spectrum, including researchers, care providers, population health experts and policy makers, GHI’s COVID & Equity webinar series continues with “Institutions Respond: Ensuring Health Equity.”

NPR: How much should the public be told about research into risk viruses?

Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a member of the GHI Advisory Committee and UW-Madison researcher, shared with NPR that when it comes to research into viruses, “NIH should be transparent in announcing funding of the work, and disclosing the review process. But, that information should be balanced to ensure security measures of the work and the safety of research personnel are not compromised.”