Lyric Bartholomay


Ph.D., Comparative Biomedical Sciences and Entomology, UW-Madison

Departments & Organizations

Department of Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine;
Upper Midwestern Center of Excellence in Vector Borne Diseases

Research Focus

invertebrate immunobiology, including innate immune responses to infectious disease agents in mosquitoes, ticks and cultured shrimp


Lyric Bartholomay is an associate professor in the Department of Pathobiological Sciences in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

She earned her doctoral degree in comparative biomedical sciences and entomology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She continued on as an instructor and postdoctoral research associate before leaving for an assistant professor position at Iowa State University. Most recently, she served as an associate professor in the Department of Entomology at Iowa State. Her research interests are innate immune responses in the context of mosquito-borne diseases and infectious diseases of cultured shrimp.