Women • Well-Being

Three African woman proudly display traditional jewelry, especially earrings

Women • Well-Being

The 4W Initiative

Women sustain families and build communities. They contribute to economic well-being and care for the earth. At University of Wisconsin-Madison Global Health Institute, we believe improving the lives of women improves the lives of all. That is why GHI collaborated with the School of Human Ecology and the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies to co-convene the 4W (Women and Well-being in Wisconsin and the World) Initiative.

Who works for women’s well-being? Earth scientists, consumer scientists and social scientists. Artists and teachers. Public health experts and philanthropists. Partners from across campus working with communities in Wisconsin and across the world.

Using motorbikes to bring basic health services to women in rural Kenya. Acting to end sex trafficking. Collaborating with artisans in Ecuador, Mexico, India and Nepal to bring needed financial resources to families. Contributing to a safer, healthier and more equitable world for all.

Two Ecuadoran female artists sort beads for their jewelry projects. They are wearing traditional dress.

The 4W Initiative

4W leverages the strengths of UW-Madison to be a convener and leading voice in education, applied research, and impactful engagement to promote gender equity and global well-being. Through a range of local-to-global, research-to action projects, 4W addresses issues such as micro-enterprise and health, ending human trafficking, promoting financial equality in relationships, and more. No matter the topic, 4W’s work is guided by the lived experiences of women and supports women to move from suffering to subsistence to thriving.

GHI Associate Director Lori DiPrete Brown is director of the 4W initiative. For a full-listing of 4W activities and faculty, visit 4w.wisc.edu.

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