GHI Thailand Partnership Directors: James H. Conway, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics; Connie Kraus, PharmD, Clinical Professor, School of Pharmacy; and Karen Solheim, PhD, RN, Clinical Professor, School of Nursing

The Mahidol University Faculty of Public Health and the UW Global Health Institute have collaborated in teaching the summer field experience since the summer of 2007. As a result of this collaboration, a jointly-authored poster entitled Health & Disease in Thailand: A Collaborative Educational Journey was presented at a number of venues in 2009-2010. Authors of this poster are James H. Conway, Connie Kraus, and Karen Solheim from UW and Boosaba Sanguanprasit, Tassanee Silawan, Chanin Chareonkul, Juthaporn Tubpetch, and Oranut Pachun of the Mahidol University Faculty of Public Health, Thailand.

The UW School of Pharmacy (SoP) and Naresuan University and Buddhachinaraj Hospital, Phitanulouk, Thailand, have an exchange agreement for pharmacy students. Exchanges of students and faculty have been taking place since August 2007.

The UW SoP has been a member of the US-Thai Consortium since its creation in the early 1990s. In June of 2008, the SoP, along with 13 other US and 12 Thai schools of pharmacy signed an agreement for academic collaborations for an additional 15 years. A steering committee comprised of 4 US (including UW SoP) and 4 Thai schools has been meeting regularly to continue to advance the ideas generated at the biennial meetings of the consortium.