Kyana Young

Graduate • Professional Certificate

Education: BS, University of Arizona; PhD, Environmental Engineering, UW-Madison; Certificate for Humans and the Global Environment, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Honors: 2009 Ronald E. McNair Scholar, 2010 Graduate Engineering Research Scholar, 2012 NSF EAPSI Fellow

Where is she now?: Young is a post-doctoral research associate at Michigan State University, where she works on a Global Water Pathogen Project, providing an open access platform to share scientific knowledge about water pathogens around the world.

“Completing the Certificate in Global Health gave me the opportunity to merge my environmental engineering background with a global health perspective. … I was able to tailor my engineering curriculum and dissertation research to pursue opportunities that weren’t confined to engineering. Taking the course work for the certificate (studying social-political systems and understanding systems that contribute to health disparities) allowed for me to gain a unique perspective about the current state of global health and the efforts to resolve these issues. Completing the Certificate was the motivator and confidence-builder for me to explore and pursue opportunities where the two disciplines are merged.” — Kyana Young

May 2015