Jon Woolever

Capstone Certificate

Jon Woolever is a family physician in Wisconsin who has been in practice for almost 14 years. While continuing to practice, he completed the global health certificate.

Field site: El Aydante, Honduras

Experience in Honduras: Led a medical team to deliver medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, provided education to local staff and served alongside local health care professionals. Build on relationships with the Honduran medical team. Also serves as the North American liaison to help keep the pharmacy adequately supplied.

Global health experience: During medical school, he spent a month in Cote d’Ivoire working in a rural hospital and nearby satellite sites. During medical residency, he spent a month in Belize doing clinical work. Also completed several trips to rural Haiti with medical brigades.

“My participation in the certificate program has provided me the opportunity to make the medical work I do both domestically and internationally more intentional and impactful. A lot of people in this world do a lot of good work. But when the work done is aligned with the global goals and delivered with a more developed perspective, the impact is greater with much less waste and unintended consequences. The certificate program gave me the perspective and knowledge I need to make the work fruitful.” — Jon Woolever

May 2017