Stephanie Veazie

Graduate • Professional Certificate

Education/Experience: MPH ’14, UW-Madison; project assistant, Lifecourse Initiative for Health Families (Wisconsin); leader, Wisconsin Without Borders

Where is she now: Veazie works as a research assistant at the VA Portland Health Care System, supporting research to improve mental health care and patient-clinician communication through technology.

“The Global Health Certificate program gave me a deeper understanding of both the systemic causes of poor health and the opportunities we have to create change. My course work … opened my eyes to the many injustices that women in resource-poor countries experience on a day-to-day basis. Working with Wisconsin Without Borders-Marketplace gave me the opportunity to collaborate with an incredible group of University students, staff, and faculty to promote gender equality around the world. As the result of the Global Health Certificate program, I will always think critically about issues of gender and equity in the work I do — whether it be locally or abroad.” — Stephanie Veazie

May 2015