Johnny Uelman

Graduate • Professional Certificate

Johnny Uelman, top left, was a Ph.D. candidate in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies when he also earned his Graduate • Professional Certificate in Global Health.

Field site: Thailand

Home town: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Research focus: Effects of a changing climate on arboviral and other zoonotic diseases with a One Health emphasis.

Career plans: Teaching, research, and public health outreach/extension.

What did the Global Health Certificate mean to you?
“Completing the Global Health Certificate has opened up a career path that will truly be
rewarding. During my time in rural Thailand, I was fortunate to meet so many local citizens
that were so kind and welcoming. I learned how they deal with their health issues, many of
which we do not experience in the U.S. I was fascinated to learn how dengue virus is widely
proactively treated as opposed to reactively treated. … Learning about the general fear of
arboviral illnesses and the safety of their community inspired me to study diseases in areas
of the world that are most affected. Millions of people are at risk for many harmful arboviral
and zoonotic diseases worldwide. I look at this as hope for change and opportunity to

Why global health?
“Global health is at the core of what I do. … A changing climate has consequences that everyone on this planet must endure. I feel it is my responsibility to help mitigate the negative effects and plan for what is coming. Many people in developing countries are put directly in climate change’s harmful path. I plan to incorporate global health in all of my research so that I can help educate those most affected, with the end goal of saving lives and lowering morbidity.”